a person or persons who are enjoying themselves because they are included in a somewhat exclusive positive experience.
"Shelly was just invited to a show during fashion week... I guess she's on the yacht now."


"That hot chick from media Studies 1 just smiled at me. I'm totally on the yacht now."

by Megan Bodycomb February 18, 2009
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Yachting is a term for Z-C list celebrities who need money to supplement their incomes and in order to keep up appearances.

They will go on a yacht typically owned by a millionaire/billionaire and do what said millionaire/billionaire wants. Mostly sexual wants.

Celebrity will also most likely be caught by the paparazzi on the yacht and people will think that the celeb has paid etc
C-lister is YACHTING again to pay her bills and get the front page
by NoYoureatowel August 5, 2018
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This is an acronym meaning: Young And Coming Home Tonight.

It means that you scored and some fly ass coochie is going to come home with you!
Mark- You find any honeys in the club?

Spence- Yea bro, this gurl is YACHT!
by bestgreenknight April 10, 2011
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A way to smoke weed where you use tobacco as a screen underneath your dope. Gives good head rushes
" Fuck Mad Headbuzz of that fat yacht!"

" If I can not smoke a yacht, I will not smoke at all"
by Acid Breaker 67 January 27, 2009
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A furnished yet elegant ship/vessel, used for private parties or pleasure.

A recreational boat.
Rich people like Yachts.
by boss. May 12, 2008
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High-end escort service provided that someone that officially is a really famous actress/model.
This former commercial actress most of you know who is way more famous than she probably should be because of her thirst after the commercial does a lot of local yachting. She wants to do some international travel/yachting, but the word is out she has been known to make a wallet lighter while sleeping or a piece of jewelry to go missing, especially if she knows it belongs to the wife of the person she is with. She then trades it back for a ton of cash.
by Max Mix July 24, 2018
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(n.) a hole in the ocean into which one pours money
I just blew my college fund on a new yacht.
by jonvuylsteke April 27, 2009
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