The period after a break up when depression sets in and you want him/her back.
Dude, she broke up with my 37 days ago, I'm on my knees. I want her back.
by kneeeesss November 24, 2012
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his hair is cajj
David: hey my knee you got a haircut?

My Knee: yeah man (strokes hair)... cajj
by dave-oe January 15, 2011
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When someone needs to politely tell others that they have to go take a shit.
Ya I'll be right back, I just have to go bend my knees.
by Sambiase November 18, 2013
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When someone is throwing shade or dirt about you around to others
did you hear that laquisha was throwing turtle on my knee!

oh girl nah!
by bakergames June 13, 2017
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A word used by old people back in the 1900's when something was funny

A very white saying only used by a special white race never exposed to society
'Back in the olden days Jimmy Savile used to really Slap my knee' said Grandfather John
by wiji board October 14, 2018
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