To have something readily available or within reach.
I keep them choppas on deck!
Bitch I got stacks on deck!
by Aok706 April 17, 2007
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To punch someone very hard, knocking them to the ground in some cases - hence "deck", to "deck" someone as in putting them on a deck.
Johnny decked Tim, and he fell to the floor his face bleeding.
by Theo Townsend February 27, 2004
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To Deck, To get decked; to hit or be hit viciously hard without mercy, usually in the mouth or nose region. To strike down upon another human with great vengeance and FURIOUS anger.
"I just decked Stephanie in the nose cuz the bitch didnt have my money"

"If my manager doesnt give me next friday off ima deck him right in his mouth
by FatChamp June 13, 2006
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New Zealanders pronounce this the way we pronounce dick. You can use this word when referring to a dick around innocent kids who have "young ears"
Be careful when messing around with that guys dangerous deck.
by Notyouraveragebear009 May 11, 2020
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"Deck," depending on context and where you're from, can be used to mean two different but similar things:

1. To punch someone very hard, usually in the face, making them fall to the ground.

2. To tackle someone very hard, taking them to the ground.

In both cases this comes from "hit the deck," meaning "fall to the floor rapidly."
Usage 1: Dude, did you see that fight? Jerry decked Paul right in the head!

Usage 2: Wow, did the linebacker really just deck the quarterback?
by einekleinenachtmusik November 22, 2010
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Wheels of steel, turntables, record players. Belt Driven or Direct Drive. Technics sl-1200 is acclaimed by DJ's everywhre as the industry standard.
Those numark battle decks are fly!
by DJ Staplez June 11, 2004
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