To Deck, To get decked; to hit or be hit viciously hard without mercy, usually in the mouth or nose region. To strike down upon another human with great vengeance and FURIOUS anger.
"I just decked Stephanie in the nose cuz the bitch didnt have my money"

"If my manager doesnt give me next friday off ima deck him right in his mouth
by FatChamp June 13, 2006
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Past tence of "Deck"

When a person is pulled to the floor by another person in a surprising and explosive manner.
John: "I'm gonna deck you"
Grandmother: "please don't, I'm old"
John: "shutup"
John: *slams his grandmother to the ground*
John: "get decked, bitch"
by Uneducated in general April 25, 2020
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Decked or Decked out, Dressed nicely. or liked "pimped out"
1. Man you got all decked out for the dance

2. You decked your car all out
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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To record a TV program on a digital device.

short for 'Digital Echo'.

A replacement of the word 'Taped' which is going out of usage due to tape itself becoming extinct.
"did you watch the Olympic Opening ceremony last night?"

"No, but i Decked it."
by Neil N Guy August 8, 2012
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To deck is too: Take your skateboard and smash it against someone's face. To get decked: Too get smacked by a skateboard. Most likely to knock you the fuck out.
If you don't leave your gonna get decked!


*Decks immature bitch*

DECKED! I told you whore.
by TylerCarterObsession<# July 20, 2011
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To be decked or get decked get really told off.
"Jade, i got SO decked."
by Emzy/RioTGrrrL October 31, 2003
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