When a person gets on one knee and proposes to another; the act of asking for one person's hand in marriage.
Valentine was on bended knee for Ziggy Pop in the middle of a flash mob dancing to "Marry Me".
by SwtValentine13 October 13, 2014
an act that requires one to get on a knee while giving the hang loose sign and placing various objects on the body.
He did a bended knee on top of the dumpster while balancing a Coke on his head.

The frequency of bended knees was common at the party last weekend.

A group of friends gathered around the fireplace to perform a bended knee.
by Shane Murray December 27, 2007

1. A formal act of submission; esp. political

2. A ceremonial endorsement of another person; concession
Taylor could have kept his position in Norton's cabinet, but he couldn't swallow his pride and refused to bend the knee.
by Furbag November 15, 2016
1. to bow down to a king or queen
2. to knell to be knighted
3. a popular saying in pop culture

4. an instant classic single by The Singslayer
Person 1: Hey man, what's that song you are playing right now?
Person 2: That's that new fire song. It is called "Bend the Knee" by The Singslayer.
Person 1: Game of Thrones would be proud.
by GOODMusicHERE May 29, 2019
1. Act of submission.
2. Act of obeying to the Kaleesi, the unburnt, the qween of Mereen.
1. "When will you bend the knee Jon Snow ?!"

Jon : tf. omg.
by mourad1081 August 9, 2017
When someone needs to politely tell others that they have to go take a shit.
Ya I'll be right back, I just have to go bend my knees.
by Sambiase November 18, 2013
The act of squatting over a fire hydrant repeadily down to a 90 degree angle (or further) until satisfied
"Last time I saw you're mama she was doin deep knee bends over fire hydrants. I was like yeeahhh, get down on that fire hydrant Bitch!!!"
by D. Bloch October 11, 2011