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1. A singer that transcended through the realms of Kings Landing and Florida
2. Creator of the song, "Bend the Knee"
Music junkie 1: Man, I just discovered this new artist. His name is The Singslayer.

Music junkie 2: Oh man, I just heard his debut single, "Bend the Knee." Is he signed yet?!
by GOODMusicHERE May 29, 2019
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1. Someone who feels or acts older than they actually are
2. A wise person; wise beyond one's years
3. A popular song by Cameron Dietz and The Game
Music fanatic 1: I haven't heard a new song by The Game in awhile.

Music fanatic 2: Oh man, let me put you on some game.

Music fanatic 1: Woah! I am adding "Old Soul" to my playlist now! Cameron Dietz and The Game together are special.
by GOODMusicHERE October 30, 2021
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1. to bow down to a king or queen
2. to knell to be knighted
3. a popular saying in pop culture

4. an instant classic single by The Singslayer
Person 1: Hey man, what's that song you are playing right now?
Person 2: That's that new fire song. It is called "Bend the Knee" by The Singslayer.
Person 1: Game of Thrones would be proud.
by GOODMusicHERE May 29, 2019
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