Someone who is not necissarilly atractive, but if one was desperate enough, or put in a situation like being stuck on an island, the person would go there.
Talking about a fat girl

1- How bout that fatty, would you do her?
2- on an island yeah for sure
by Jabb December 13, 2007
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The term used to call an island within an island

ex. if an island had a body of water and if that body of water had an island
“Aye bro what is that out there on that body of water?”

“Bro that’s obviously an island island, jeez man it’s a common term”
by saucyg July 11, 2020
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A bowel movement so large that it breaks the surface of the toilet water, creating an island in the bowl.
After all those PBR's last night, I left a huge island in the toilet this morning.
by ihavespoe October 29, 2010
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The feeling of hopelessness, isolation or being trapped.The inability to make progress. Generally the emotions and feelings associated with being trapped on a desert Island.
Due to lack of resources I'm feeling very Islanded on this project.
by Mr_Skinback January 17, 2007
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People that came from island tribes.

ex: philippines,indonesia,malaysia. <- malayo-polynesian
palauans,guamanians,etc <- micronesians
papuans,soloman islanders,etc <- melanesians
samoans,native hawaiians,tongans,etc <- polynesians

and many other places in asia pacific and north america that were inhabited by island tribes.
by Christophurrrrr July 15, 2006
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Funny, smart, sexy and beautiful girl. Usually given to Haitian girls. Izzy is usually their nick name
Islande's are usually very shy at first until they get to know you more. They are very free spirited and love to talk and express their selves. They are faithful but can seem flirtatious. They get a lot of guys attention because of their nice smile fun personality and sexy body. If your Islande does not have an ass on her than she's an impostor. If your dating one, take good care of her as she will do to you. Always treat her good or you'll slip up and lose a good girl. Islande's are very hard to please because of their split personality.
Hey is that your girl bro, she's hot and awesome

Yup that's islande !
by Mconnorq May 7, 2013
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when your stuck in the middle of a busy room when there is no ash tray to be found ! .... and you just simply cant be arsed getting up to get one !

Background: A hobbit like man named Grant was sat balanced precuriously on two desk chairs when he glanced at the people in the room and uttered the words "shit man I'm islanding!"
"SHIT MAN I AM ISLANDING HERE .... someone chuck us an ash tray for christ sakes"
by Keltar son of melvar ! January 4, 2010
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