Blair, aka juicystar07, first used this phrase in a forever21 haul a while ago. It is meant to be like omg except she added more random letters. It is pronounced omg double h k p. Since it is so fun to say, it has caught on and many girls now use it.

When asked for the definition of what the added letters stand for, Blair asked her viewers on twitter to help her come up with a definition and she chose "oh my god help he keeps peeing" in reference to her boy dog named Teddy. However, since when she first used the expression she claimed that she didn't know what it meant, it can mean anything you want it to.
"OMGHHKP! I don't know what that means but my room is navy blue!"
-as used by Blair when the phrase was invented
by glamour1225 January 14, 2011
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Oh my god hurray happy kind people
This saying is more excited then a regular omg. It was made by blair, aka, juicystar07 on youtube. Blair doesn't know what it means so people may infer what it means.
Also seen as gibberish
Girl 1: OMGHHKP! I got to buy that outfit. Right NOW!.
Girl 2: You mean OMG?
Girl 1: No, im more excited then just an omg moment.
by Just Words November 13, 2010
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First made up by Blair on youtube, most people have decided it to mean: Oh My God Hungry Hippos Kill People, for this is the most logical definition.
A person falls into a hippo enclosure at a zoo.

Bystander 1: OMGHHKP!!!
by Infoguy123 August 12, 2011
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girl 1: Oh Em Gee double H Kay Pee!! That skirt is soo cute!
girl 2: OMGHHKP, you're SO right!!
by vUHnnesa August 29, 2010
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A word created by Blair (JuicyStar07 on YouTube), which was intented to have no meaning other than being catchy and a fun way to say "OMG".

A meaning created by her sister, Elle (AllThatGlitters21), is "Octupus Make Guns Having Hopes Keeping Peace"
Blair: OMGHHKP, that shirt is adorable.

Elle: What do Octopus Making Guns Having Hope Keeping Peace have to do with that shirt?
by Youtuber. December 18, 2010
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pronounced: o m g double h k p ... o my god he has kool pants
justin bieber!!! OMGHHKP!
by poptartlover33 April 2, 2011
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often said by blair, juicystar07 on youtube. stands for :
octupus may give horny harold (a) kangaroo penis
(at the octupus exhibit with harold)

Octupus expert: He's actually eating kangaroo penis.
by Guccistar07 November 25, 2010
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