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He is a wish come true. He is so handsome inside and out. He has a beautiful personality. He is sweet, loving, and caring. He is so faithful and has eyes for only the girl he loves. He is husband material and he is very romantic. He is a lover of music and dances with passion. He is unique and he waves like a tydalwave. He will take your breathe away and make your heart skip a beat. He is worth so much and he has no idea how amazing he truly is. He is so wonderful.
He is handsome he must be an Omero.
by SkyyBunny January 27, 2014
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Can be the most annoying boy/man you'll ever meet. He can mean, a straight up jerk, but he can also be the most kind and protective person ever.

He may not show it, but he really does care for his friends and family.

Piss him off and you're done for.

Remember that he will always ve there for you, and will never leave you alone until you tell him to leave you alone before you hurt him.
Stop being so Omero. It's annoying.
by Shortstrawberrystack June 19, 2018
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1 part man 3 parts woman who can be often seen with either white sandles and/or gray used sweeter. Consistently refers all statements towards sex regardless of individual and loves to party
Omero... that is all
by FunBucket April 29, 2012
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A caring guy. Will always be there for you. When he falls in love thers no stoping him, he'll do anything for you. Only likes girls whos names start with the letters G,J,A,R. Will be a bitch sometimes. Hell get what he deseves for breaking up with me.
Omero is a bitch
by Cg6tjx6rxrutiviyy February 06, 2018
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