Sweet and spirited, lovely and loving, capable and creative. Olyas often have no idea how beautiful they really are. People are inexplicably drawn to Olyas. You will recognize an Olya by her quiet smile, her generous spirit and her amazing, easy sense of style. Olyas may not make friends easily, so if you're able to call one "friend" consider yourself very lucky.
Do you see that girl taking pictures across the street? The one with the cool dreads and that amazing skirt? She's such an Olya.
by MuddyBoots May 6, 2009
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An akward fruit of a person, with many uses and properties. Namely the ability to be of 2 seperate and opposite minds about something at entirely the same time. Often used as a base for poorly named skin care products which are prone to ending up as puns in very bad jokes (namely this one). Occasionally misplaced in early Popeye cartoons as O. Oyl.
Is that Olyapine you're ingesting?
No, I won't pass the oil of olya.
<popeye> I gots ta saves me olive oyls hah kekekeke
by munted April 7, 2005
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Olya is pet name for olga. It's a Russian name. It is the best name in the world and means hope. Only a beautiful truly worthy woman is worthy of this name. Olya's are very succesful in life. Olya is simply the sex. Olya rules. Olya is unique, lush and bootylicious. Everyone loves an olya, they are simply so hot. Pronounced- O-L-E-E-A.
Guy1: Hey look at that fit girl!
Guy2: Such an Olya.
Girl1: Man, i wish i was that hot.
Girl2: Yeah if i was that hot i'd be bacon.
Guy1: maybe if you all got plastic surgery to look like an olya, i would consider going out with you.
Girl2: Go away.
by The Olya December 12, 2007
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