Olimpia is a girl who will seem one way but is the other in a good way . She will be funny and sarcastic but will be lovely and understanding when needs to be. She is considered very beautiful and is easy to be friended. She’s very loyal and kind however when she has someone on her eye she gets attached too quickly and starts developing feelings very fast for funny personalities. You should keep this girl close as she is for sure not going to drop you for anyone else. She is a fine ass girl who is nothing but kind and many find her attractive and a good soul to be around.
Friend : do you know Olimpia?
Other friend : yes isn’t she so lovely and stunning ,she’s so funny
by Tomdoolingchildren June 20, 2018
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Ms worldwide
Olimpia is crazy
by Egheue June 14, 2019
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The best soccer team in Honduras. As their theme song says, they are the champions, and are supirior. Sponsored by the beer Salva Vida and Loma. The mascot is a tiger with half red and half blue. They are a really good team.
friend: "Why are you laughing so hard?"
Me: "Some idiot that I bet thought that Espana was going to beat Olimpia and I won 50 bucks!"

Friend: "Im doing a report on the best soccer team in Central America".
Me: "Do a report on Olimpia, they OWN!"
by Honduran Cholo November 12, 2006
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Olimpia is the ultimate thot she is the last boss level thot even doe she claims innocence every one knows it to be different with her deep dark secrets. She is known to have extremely good deepthroating experience even though she claims she is a virgin.
Once u reach Olimpia's level u got but one last night on earth because she will fuck you like there is no tomorrow.
by sandelmar May 22, 2019
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The got a fat pu***, lms who knows. But cute. Lowkey freaky af. Quiet person. They got hella anger problems. But that doesnt stop them from being who they are
Olimpia flexin on them haters
by Ob666 November 8, 2017
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Olimpia is a girl that can be nice and funny, and a little quiet. Be cautious though if one is pretty than she is most likely a slut that is looking to date you only for attention and because you have good looks. She won’t even be your friend or want to be seen with you if your not of high popularity or good looking.
Olimpia just hooked up with me just for attention and to fit in with her friends.
by Gyytuuuhvioiewssd October 9, 2019
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Olimpia is a girl who is down to earth,loyal,funny ,a good person to speak to loves with her heart not her head she is the type to keep everything inside but still have a smile on her face also don’t fuck with her you most likely will end up 6 feet under xo
Olimpia is always happy and smiling

She got so many anger issues hahah
by Someone 4026 November 23, 2021
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