A word used by mostly drag queens or cardi B. The correct way to say this word is with rolled r’s.
You: we heading out to lunch wanna come?
Me: okurrr!
by MINOYMIHOY February 10, 2018
a term used by an awesome rapper Cardi B..... Also used when u got sum shit to say-
Amber: gurl Rebecca was looking dusty even her man said "ew". Okurrr
by Pepe_the_FRUG October 9, 2018
So the word Okurrr was originaly created by Cardi B. It is a type of slang.
Someone:I heard your dating them.

by Air5567 June 23, 2018
When ur bsf lost her virginity u say okurrr
Bishhh me ND my bf just had sex best thing EVER Okurrr
by Dumb_ass_lady_😏 November 16, 2019
toto wolf: lewis, just terminate max!!
lewis: okurrrrr
by sikebchi April 30, 2022