it means not to care , you don’t know what some ones talking about , or you’re tryna figure out you’re being told a specific thing .
Jack : I heard you and Jeana been kissing.
Me : Okay ..?
by 2aylon January 15, 2020
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An insult used after receiving a quite random message/snapchat/video from someone to express that you do not actually care what they sent.

Often used as a sarcastic response to show that you don’t care.

Pronounced: Oh- Kay- in a high voice
(In a Groupchat)
Person 1&2: *Having a conversation about something*
Person 3: *Sends a video of something random*
Person 1: Okay!
Person 2: Cool!
Person 3: *Now has the worst feeling possible and experiences a short time of crippling depression as they thought what they sent was interesting but come to realize that no one actually cares*

Other Examples include: Cool! - Awesome! - Wow!
by 𝓞𝓴𝓪𝔂! May 30, 2020
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1. What a woman will say in retrospect to describe a man she never would have noticed had her girlfriend not pointed him out, is not attracted to and doesn't care to remember.

2. Word used to pacify someone making an unreasonable or irritating demand.
1. "How about you go to the wedding with my brother, Harry? You remember Harry, right?"
"Harry?" *struggles to recall his mediocre features and mini-gut* "He's....okay. But not exactly who I had in mind."

2. "You're going to clean out the garage today, right hun?"
*doesn't look up from videogame* "Okay Mom."
by sadbuttrue September 23, 2004
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A nerdy term used by people, especially named bella. Instead of using the traditional “ok” nerds enjoy using “okay” to show sophistication.
“Omg Bella you’re such a nerd”
“Okay, I take that as a compliment
by Earro June 24, 2019
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