It is a figure of speech used when sarcastically trying to say oh really mate? If someone uses this on you, you must reply with Ma or Ha em as it shows respect to the other person and asserts dominance over the other person. Ha em is also used as a reply because the phrase oh em originates from oh Emma. Specifically Emma Watson the absolute reason why boys simp
1: "you look so beautiful today"
2: "Oh em?"
1: "Ha em"
by SmexyJaxy January 29, 2021
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Phonetic spelling of the term omg. This is how you would pronounce the acronym, or spell it out sarcastically.
Oh em gee, now THAT was awesome.
by Ashent May 10, 2006
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The extended version of OMG (oh my god/gosh/goodness). But, you may be asking, doesn't extending an acronym in text talk defeat its purpose? Yes, yes it does.
oh em gee, i cant wait 2 c u l8r.
by Crystal Fantasy May 25, 2010
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The literal spelling of OMG... usually used when OMG just isn't good enough to stress something.
by Badfish May 14, 2003
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A counter to the popular Internet acronym: OMW. Used to either poke fun at people's incessant use of Internet lingo, or just to be a jack-ass.
You: OMG! IDK! u should totally come over LOL. BBIAB!

Me: (damn you sound stupid...)

You: I'm back! ROFLMAO!!!!!! So you coming over?

Me: Oh em dubya...
by CarterL June 12, 2008
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An alternative to "omg" or "oh my god".
Person: I just got laid.
Person 2: OH EM GEE!!!!! LOLOL!!!
by Niyou77 April 27, 2007
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