1.A crunchy chocolate bar.
2.What a gir usually shouts when she's in bed with a guy named Henry.
1.Oh hungry,oh Henry!
by TheWiggidy November 3, 2003
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A sexual act performed using a vaginal speculum. The partner, male or female, opens the vagina. The receiving partner holds the speculum while the other crouches above and drops a bowel movement into the open vagina. Best results with solid, cylindrical stool.

Did You Know?
Can also be performed with the anus.
Kristine finished her annual check-up at the gynecologist and pocketed the used speculum. She called her boyfriend Jayce and asked him to eat a bowl of all bran and a bag of peanuts to be ready for an Oh Henry!
by Murica Michelle July 4, 2011
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A variation of the New Brunswick Mud Cutter with the addiion of a double penetration either with another partner or a foreign object most notably a miniature Baseball Bat commonly sold at Baseball games.
I was going to give my girlfriend a New Brunswick Mud Cutter but my best friend came over and we gave her an Oh Henry! instead. He was stoked!
by Gray Sheridan / Barret Harber September 16, 2007
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An expression one would shout while painfully expelling a particularly large piece of shit.
After being constipated for 2 days, Boris shat a turd the size of a small dog. He squinted his eyes in horrible agony and yelled "Oh Henry!".
by Jon the Heavy Hitter October 9, 2007
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