A popular audio clip from Vtuber: Usada Pekora

The law states that: For every "Ogey" there must be an equal and opposite "rrat".
Person1: Ogey
Person2: rrat!
by Among Them March 24, 2021
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A cool kid way of saying okay.

Used mainly by a YouTuber named Wahony.
Person 1: Dude, that pickle is ugly!!
Wahony: Ogey and?
by ogey and ? November 25, 2019
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a plain response to literally anything to provoke the other person.
person 1: You suck horse dick and should die in a hole!
person 2: ogey
by piggy gd March 20, 2020
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used if you really don’t care or your just making jokes(also another way of saying okay)
Friend 1 : guess what Sarah asked me out on a date!
Friend 2 : Ogey and ? I really don’t care.
by Imaddictedtotinktok February 18, 2020
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