The show or shows you watch while your main show is on commercial. Also Known as a Fall Back Program.
Person 1: I HATE commercials! Go to our Off Show

Person 2: OK, but I'll only watch Martha Stewert until TMNT comes back on.
by GirlinGreen May 8, 2009
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The unfortunate event where a person is showing off (Ex: their money, life, face, etc.) so much that their repertoire could amass that of an actual show.
Oh look, Ramon is having another show-off-show today! He just sent me a picture of his Maserati at yet another angle!
by Confucius says July 23, 2014
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to behave in an ostentatiously skilled and assured way with the intention of impressing others
Stop showing off and do your job. (example of show off)
by The Return of Light Joker September 24, 2009
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Someone who boasts about themselves
''that guy is a right show-off you know!''
by sweet jesus June 22, 2006
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a collective effort by one's closest friend to convince one to dump a poorly performing significant other, esp. in lesbian relationships.
we repeatedly harassed _____ about that stank triflin nasty nogood bizatch and finally she was voted off the show.
by rusty March 20, 2004
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1. Someone that flaunts their money by paying people to do stupid things, such as eating an aluminum foil cheetos bag for $100
2. Specifically in high school, a student that offers exorbitant amounts of money for other kids to do his/her homework, when a smaller amount would work
3. Someone who routinely takes friends out to steakhouses for lunch or dinner and proceeds to pay for everyone.
4. Someone who makes fun of others solely because they are not as wealthy
5. Someone whose main insult line is "i can buy and sell 100 of you"
Great Neck South used to have an infmaous show off, but his days of bribing, flaunting, and scheming are over
by His loyal jester September 30, 2006
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Someone who feels the need to kiss their lover whenever a bunch of other people are around.
*Couple Kisses*
Guy Watching: Show-off! Get a room!
by nilethe146 May 30, 2016
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