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Well known in the Viking mythology, octopuss, originally applied octopussy, came from the act of applying the sea creature to one's genetalia. A viking would apply the octopuss to his dick and let the animal grapple his member with its eight tentacles. He would then pull violently on the octopuss's head, thus recreating a fellatio or vagina-like sensation.
1. Magnus and Gunnar would often get some octopussy after pillaging a village.
2. Tim came home after a long day at work at SeaWorld. He treated himself with some good ol' octopussy.
by GAve Institute of Linguistics January 22, 2016
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Roger Moore's sixth Bond film which involved a plot about trading counterfeit Romanov jewelry for a nuclear device that would be exploded in an American airbase in West Germany.

The villains were Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan) and General Orlov (Steven Berkoff)

Maud Adams plays the title role of Octopussy, making this her second time to act in the Bond series. Kristina Wayborn also plays a love interest in this.

I consider this to be one of the better Bond movies made.
Bond: What's that one your back?

Magda: Oh, that's my little octopussy.
by A Alcott November 30, 2006
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The act of getting octopussy involves having sex with 8 or more women in the same night.
"Dude! I just got some octopussy last night!"
"Was it awesome?"
"Hell yea, man!"
by Sh3nr0n7 March 04, 2009
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When a female's genetalia looks like a sea-creature (octopuss) crawled up in her and let its tentacles hang out a bit.
Her octopussy sucks back up in her when it feels the cold air and when its in the heat it prefers to dangle to get more air or possibly food.
by Rachel Ewald April 08, 2004
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When a girls vagina is stretched out to eight times its original size.
I would have sex with her but I dont have enough for her octopussy.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004
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Octopussies are used for people who wanna feel hella better when they look at someone. If u want someone to throw a gum wrapper at you and smile octopussies save the day. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
You look sad, look at the octopussies to make you feel hella better.
by Swagger gang⚑️ April 16, 2019
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