Jourdan is a sweet, loving person. He’s great at poetry and knows exactly how to sweep you off of your feet. He may not always know what to say, but he has his own special way of showing you that he loves you. Jourdan is a very intelligent, funny, laid back person. He’s very shy to new people but once he gets to know them, he's quite funny and loves to crack jokes. Not only is he a great boyfriend, he's a very loyal friend.
Man, Jourdan is such a great person.
by cherrypannightcore February 6, 2015
Jourdan is a beautiful girl She's very pretty,smart ,athletic and attractive .She will go far in life. She's a girl that not everyone one likes but fits in with a certain type of people.She has the most gorgeous eyes and a very lovely personality.She's someone who has a very great smile. She often picks the wrong crowd. Jourdan is a very sweet girl.But, Jourdan is the most attractive girl you will ever meet .
I would love to be Jourdan
by Simplyaqueen September 19, 2016
Greatest person ever, cute, funny, smart, very well dressed. Not to be messed with, going somewhere in life, and you'd be lucky to date him.
Jourdan is the cutest best dressed guy at our school.
by oochiwallywally January 15, 2011
Badass mofo usually reffered to as a Chuck Norris. NOt as cool as Bear Grylls, but pretty damn close.

These sandwiches are so jourdan!!!!!!
by jomerritt July 16, 2008
A person's name, can be either a boy or girl.
Girl most commonly.
Usually a really nice, great personality, pretty, and lively person.
Can be easy-going.
You know Jourdan? She's a great friend of mine.
by Well you know, October 23, 2011
Pretty Blonde Girl, a beautiful soul.
is apart of the Blonde Mafia.
"Hey did you see that jourdan..she was about to rock your world..until she kicked your ass."
by superjojoyeah August 17, 2008
Jourdan is a nice sweet caring person jourdan .can be bipolar she is very shy when you first meet her .jourdan can be really disrespectful if she have to .jourdan always likes things to go her way once you meet .jourdan you will fall in love with her .jourdan can be a difficult person sometimes she is always eating when you call her. jourdan is a very cute fun person to hang with she can even cause y’all to get locked up sometimes.
Dang I really wish I had a jourdan.

Bro jourdan is super funny.

Bro never hang with jourdan she will get you locked up.
by Kycjtd August 20, 2019