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when you're an innocent little school girl, walking yourself home from the library and all of a sudden, you hear someone call you. out of curiosity, you turn your head, and your long pink hair flows in the wind, and sitting in the dark ally, is a hobo.

"what's wrong?" you walk over to the poor hobo, bending down next to him when suddenly his skin starts to tear and a massive octopus like creature shots it's wet, slippery tentacles at you, sending you screaming and sprawling into the street, somehow loosing your way too short mini school-girl skirt in the process. with good manners(because you are indeed a school girl) you scream and plead for the giant monster to be gentle as he wraps around your arms and dragging you towards it, spreading your legs and teasing you, letting you scream and plead.
"'ho shit, that girl just got octopused!"
by OokamiMariellaChan July 20, 2009
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