October 30th:

You: Hey joe remember what day it is today..?
Joe: please no this is my dead grandmothers...
by 👀✋🏻😎 October 29, 2019
October 30th is when u gotta give some head to somebody you know.
by Sebastiong October 30, 2019
Call you friend Tyler gay, everyone has a friend name Tyler. Call them Gay.
Gay : The definition of gay is to like the same gender.

October 30th: Should be a fun day for all except tylers.

Dang tyler, You’re gay!

Wow ty, you’re gay...
by Lmao🤡😂 October 28, 2019
It’s the day where you bully your friend Jack and make him climb a beanstalk.
You: hey buddy, it’s October 30th.
Jack: please no.
by Pizzas_shamrockperson October 29, 2019
Make sure you get your time zones right

Halloween’s tomorrow ok not today
Kid: happy Halloween!
A random wife: Halloween’s tomorrow, today is October 30th stoopid
Kid: bye!!!!
by AryamanV2000 October 31, 2019
Very very hot people have their birthdays on this day (TALKING FROM OWN EXPERIENCE)
Wow omg that girl looks so amazing, is her birthday on October 30th??
by Iloverickymontgomery October 11, 2021