kinda mid month Halloween was good also the month I lost my trust in Youtube bc of how SSSniperwolf doxxed Jacksfilms fuck her
October 2023 was so mid except for Halloween
by AverageWeirdoSplatoonFan November 1, 2023
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The date in 2023 when attention seeking femboys dress up in what they call 'goth' (cheap shit fake leather jacket and matching cheap shit jeans) to hang around malls and shopping centres to put 'curses' on random people. This involves staring at them hard sometimes following them around harrasing them. Sometimes have a girl with them, their 'witchcraft' 'sister', though neither of the two dumb teenagers know anything about witchcraft. The think theyre cool but theyre just showing themselves up for the dumb kids raised on Tik Tok they are.

They can't do this on Halloween because they have school and if they knew anything about witchcraft theyd know curses have to be cast on Halloween not 3 days before.
Let's not go shopping on 28th October 2023
by Goth Doll October 28, 2023
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The day when everyone's emergency alarm went off and it was horrifically loud.
Person 1: "Hey, do you remember October 4 2023?"
Person 2: "Yeah, there was a loud alarm that day. It was so loud I bled from my ears, since I had my airpods in."
by inni' m8 October 3, 2023
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On this day, The Terrorist Organization Hamas, launched a highly coordinated attack with help from Terror states such as Iran, on the people of southern Israel, from the Gaza Strip, much on video.
They murdered, raped, beheaded, and burned alive almost anyone they found, most of them civilians.
They also abducted, over 200 hostages.

As of now, October 20th, over 1,400 Israelis have been confirmed dead and thousands more injured.

Following the massacre, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on the terrorist organization,

vowing "mighty vengeance," with the goal of wiping them out once and for all.

Soon after, Israel launched operation "Swords of Iron" resulting in mass, targeted air strikes, in the Gaza Strip on military positions, which are purposefully located in residential areas by Hamas, to maximize casualties.

A siege was also put in place by Israel, with certain areas cut off from Israeli water, electricity, and fuel, which Israel had been providing Gaza for free for years, in order to force the population out of the area, so the IDF could eradicate Hamas - who live under said residential areas in tunnels - with minimal civilian death.

Hamas had previously, and continues to, launch rockets at civilian populations in Israel, as well as using their own people as human shields, ever since they took power in 2007.

They use international funding and supplies - meant for their people - for themselves and their cause of terror.
"Do you know what in Israel by those pieces of human trash?"
"Yeah...It was yesterday on October 7th, 2023."
by Anonymo52 October 20, 2023
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The day when all boys made fun of Taylor Swift by wearing a red shirt and sweat pants.
Girl: Why are all the boys in the same clothes?
Boy: Oh it's just October 27 2023.
by AreithousMM October 24, 2023
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