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Someone who faked having coronavirus to try and prove their bullshit theory its nothing to worry about and all precautions are pointless and people don't die of it. See also rat licker.
Don't be a Donald Trump. Wash your hands & wear a mask.
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Rat lickers who believe in anything that makes them look dumb as fuck ie coronavirus is a Chinese bioweapon, every member of the LGBT community is a pedofile, the Earth is flat, Trump is God. Any conspiracy theory you can think of from 2016 onwards likely has roots in Q-Anon. Started from that infamous board 4 Chan that miraculously hasn't been taken down yet even though other shit-stirring troll sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica regularly get D-Dossed or don't exist anymore.
Q-Anon should be laughed at and not taken seriously.

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Someone who works a dead end job at Tesco, Spar, Co-op etc and jumps for joy when they get an extra £0.05 an hour. May also be a part of some dumb union that milks them of their hard earned pennies promising they will get the golden £10 an hour minimum wage some day.
Andy was a wagecuck up until he left college and found an office job.

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Thriving online community of children and pedofiles
Meets a 60 year old on Steam

Dude why do you play games with kids?

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That feeling you get when you come out of a store and you can finally take your corona mask off
I had an airgasm when I came out of Tesco yesterday.
by Goth Doll September 07, 2020

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Movement run by Jews trying to sell things like solar panels, electric cars and so called eco-friendly food products that cost a couple of quid more than anything else. Elon Musk even hired a 16-year-old Swedish girl named Greta Thungberg to be his spokeswoman for the movement/corporate trade mark. Some of them claim to take it seriously and are willing to cause civil disruption risking imprisonment and heavy fines.
Due to the amount of beans they consume and their own self love, the average Extinction Rebellion supporter gives off more greenhouse gasses in their farts than the average human being, making them complete hippocrites.
by Goth Doll September 07, 2020

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Most corrupted review site there is. You can pretty much garauntee every business on there with a five star review has begged for it.
Waitress: Did you enjoy your meal? Don't forget to leave us a five star review on trip advisor.

Me: What do I get out of advertising your restaurant?

Waitress: Nothing
by Goth Doll September 06, 2020

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