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A safe-haven for rich white children who want to act like they live the lives of black kids in the projects without having to worry about the crime or poverty. Ironically, the local police also use this as an excuse for their behavior. Also good for popping your cherry before being a teenager or not having to leave school grounds for drugs. The school system frowns upon this behavior by demoting high school teachers who fuck their students to middle school teaching positions.
Girl 1: I'm really worried this tampon is gonna break my hymen

Girl 2: You're from Ocean Township. You're hymen broke when you fucked that teacher in middle school right after you bought weed from the white kid with a gold chain at the locker next to you
by mythbuster521 January 02, 2010
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Ocean Township. There are many words that can decribe Ocean TWP, but the best one is GAY. Ocean is filled with shitty people, and traffic. The Police in ocean are biased mother fuckers, and everyone talks about eachother. Ocean has its fair share of Jocks, Gangsters, Assholes, Wannabees, and whatever else. but the main point is that most EVERYONE IS A BITCH! Most of the people in ocean will rat on you, and then brag about it to to thier buddys. There are a very few people in ocean that are cool, and noone has good drugs. Ocean's claim to fame is lillte 90lb girls who drink a bottle of everclear and go to the hospital.
Hey man you want to go to Ocean Township, nah man i dont want to be ratted out, and arrested.
by Patchy O'Hoolihans January 01, 2006
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A sprawled-out, over-populated, and extremely congested suburban community located in Monmouth County on the Jersey Shore, sandwiched between West Long Branch, Eatontown, Asbury Park, Tinton Falls, and Deal. While the town has some diversity, it is mostly full of spoiled upper-middle-class kids who drive their parent's cars and can't handle themselves at parties. A lot of the guys who live here are loud-mouth pussies who talk a lot of shit, and mostly all the girls are skanks. In the summertime, the neighboring shore communities of Deal and West Long Branch attract an unwelcomed seasonal migration of bennies, specifically wealthy Syrian Jews from Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan. They greatly increase the ammount of traffic congestion and car accidents in Ocean Township during the summer, because they are just about the worst drivers imaginable. Anyone who has driven in Ocean Township in the summertime knows to watch out for that Mercedes Benz S550 with New York plates going 25 mph in a 40 mph zone, because they are about to get over to the left to make a sweeping right turn at 4 mph without using their turn signal and while talking on the phone. But by far the worst thing about Ocean Township is the overly-funded, overly-equipped police force that patrols the town in mass numbers, hunting for opportunities to meet their quotas and raise revenue to help patch up the multi-billion dollar budget deficit of the State of New Jersey. Instead of fighting crime, this self-righteous suburban police force of almost 100 officers spends the day racking up tickets for traffic violations and other minor offenses that no one gives a fuck about. They mostly prey on the 15-25 age group, indifferent to the fact that most of these young people are children of tax-paying home-owners. In municipal court on Tuesday mornings, you'll probably run into at least ten people you know; and count on paying at least several hundred dollars worth of ser-charges to the state. Fuck this place. Why the hell did my family decide to live here?
Dave, Tom, Jen, and Heather got arrested in Ocean Township cause they got in a car crash with a benny on route 35 and then the cops searched their car and found a bag of weed in the trunk.
by Mr. Ferrari July 27, 2009
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