A place where the Roller Rink collapsed and used to be the spot in the 90s.

A place where section 8 housing is on Richardson ave.

Stony Hill is considered the projects but its expensive to live there.

A place where the Quick Check bums always switch up.
A place where Highway Hairy used to roam the streets (R.I.P.)
and he used to live behind Nobody Beats the Wiz (R.I.P.)
Where the White Trash walk to Exxon and the liquor store from Circle Trailers.

The Mexican projects are SunnyBrook apartments filled with illegal aliens.

A place where the police hide accross from Ethan Allen to pull you over.
A place where the people that work at Wendys/Mc Donalds will ask you for an extra cigarette while they are working.

Downtown Eatontown got like 3 stores and a rub-and-tug.

A place where you can go shopping at the Monmouth Mall while wanna-be thugs overpopulate the mall.
The Chilis is trashy,the Applebees is trashier.
Exit 105 Bitch "Eatontown/Long Branch"
by hawlerback November 26, 2009
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Eatontown is located next to Tinton Falls. BUt unlike Tinton Falls, Eatontown produces the biggest skanks and whores and not to mention white trash. They like to suck in Tinton Falls kids and make them trash just like they are!!
yo what happened to so and so

ohh they chill with the eatontowners
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ghetto fabulous, ridiculously pimp. where chris the crackhead lives.....yo
have you eatin on the town?
by smallz February 20, 2005
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A boys yeshiva (high school) where all the bochrim are sexy
Slut: hey I got with this kid from mesivta of eatontown
Sluts friend: lmao nice same I got with a diff kid last week
by ur mom slurping on my dick December 16, 2021
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A yeshiva (high school) for boys with magic powers where they can learn to control them it’s also a place where unloved girls with daddy issues seek approval from the students of M.O.E. Over all a magical place
Skank: hey I hooked up with a hot guy from misivta of eatontown.
Skanks friend: oh well now your a whore
by Meat ur mom September 21, 2021
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