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A vague word that can be used in any context, usually to describe quantity or the state of something or someone. When you first hear this word you may not be able to stop saying it for a few days afterwards. WARNING! this word is not a cross between oblivious and subliminal, so don't even think of using it thusly!
Gregory: Don't worry guys, the drinks are on me, I have an obliminal amount of money!

Gerald: Ahh that's alright for some, I'm's obliminal! oh look, there's Steve...STEVE...STEEEEVE!

Steve: Oh hey guys, didn't see you there. Whatever you do, don't go in the toilets, the mess in there is obliminal! Where is Gary by the way?

Gerald: He's at the bar getting drinks, but he's taking an obliminal amount of time, I don't know what the hold up is.

Gary (returning from the bar): OK guys here are your drinks, oh hey Steve when did you get here?

Steve: Only a few minutes ago mate, traffic was obliminal, oh and by the way, don't go into the toile...

Gary: ...I know mate, it was me, i shit everywhere! it was obliminal.
by Flukemaster5000 November 18, 2010
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