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"Over-the-pants-blowjob" A delicacy in most cultures that can be harder to come by than a plain blowjob.
"Yea I got an OTPBJ from Monica yesterday, she said it was like sucking on a napkin"- Bill Clinton
by Chastelivin March 02, 2014
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"over the pants blow job" invented by the infamous lauren. it is a motion in which the actor, exerts their mouth to the genital region, while the subject is still wearing pants. this could be potentially awkward. consequently, a otphj may be necessary when the mouth grows weary of dense pants, such as jeans, and khakis with zippers.
by fjklsafjlskda March 10, 2014
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Over the pants blow job. When a slutty girl is too prude/ hasn't consumed enough drugs and alcohol to give an actual blow job. This originated in Lake park, FL. When a friend of mine was mad because the girl he was trying to hook up with only put her mouth around his penis over his pants and twirled his tounge.
The most I could get out of her was an OTPBJ! Total blue balls!
by Matt dahmer March 10, 2016
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