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Oriental Troops, also known as OTs, are members of the Southeast Asian street gang of the same name formed in the city of Visalia, California during the early 90's. It was oringally a Laos gang. Most of its members are of Lahu, Thai, Mien, Hmong, or Lao ethnicity. They are known for wearing the colors blue and black, and are often wearing Chuck Taylor's sneakers.

The gang was formed in the early 90's by the Southeast Asian youths, that had lived in the WESTSIDE of Bakersfield, California. In the early days, they were frequently harassed by members of other Mexican gangs.Bun now the "TROOPS" run all of Visalia. The gang has expanded as far north as Seattle, Washington and became heavily populated in areas like Merced, California.

They are also affiliated with the Crips gang and identify themselves with the number 15 (alternatives include: X5 and XV), because the letter O means "Oriental" and is the fifteenth letter of the alphabet. They also have been known to dot their hands with 5 dots.

They "claim" the color BLACK!!!!!.

Known members of Oriental Troops are mostly from Visalia, Bakersfield, Merced, and Seattle.
187 Mien Butt Holes!! this is ot gang
by troopgang1520 April 01, 2006
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