On topic

When someone goes off topic on a fourm and you want to reply with something that is ON topic.
Yeah but he's a mage and ....

OT: we're talking about rangers here. I think that......
by Toothe3 March 13, 2010
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Ottawa, Canada Canada's national capital also known as 613
by nobody1 October 04, 2006
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used to break an awkward silence that may be useful making the situation either intensely awkward or getting someone to find the humor that what was just said was genius!
(there is awkward silence present).......OT!.....(things feel more awkward so you try once more because something must be said)......OT!..........(success someone gave in)
by your worst enemies brother February 12, 2005
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For other meanings, see the first entry for this word.

OT can also mean "original trainer," i.e. the first trainer to catch a Pokémon, making him or her that Pokémon's original trainer.
Are you the OT of that charmander or did you get him in a trade?
by MegamanTTEX March 30, 2011
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"Hey, Mimi P. has OT....You know. Her nipples point in both directions, making her breasts resemble that of an orangutan's"
"Heh, she does."
by long-stroke-style November 08, 2016
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An original troll. Some one of older age, not a millennial, who troll on a daily basis.
Watch out for Brian. He is like Trump, he is an OT.
Trump is a real OT. Did you read his Twitter post?
by Pcarsfordays May 17, 2017
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