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Acronym for 'Or Some Shit Like That'.

Used to replace phrases such as 'Or something similar'.
Guy 1: 'What was that band again?'
Guy 2: 'I don't know... Food Fighters OSSLT'
by JokoAndy August 27, 2009
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OSSLT stands for The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. 70% of Ontario students fail this to see more OSSLT memes because they are depressed. The government forces the grade 10s of Ontario to write this every year in hopes that we'll suddenly become literate.
*looking at OSSLT memes*

Jamal : "Fuck Yeah I failed the OSSLT"
Javon : Well you at least know why Emei frogs have spikes on their face!!
by Allie2002 May 25, 2018
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