Javon is a guy who's loving and caring. A guy who makes you feel warm and deserving. Having a Javon will make you not long for anyone else in the world. He's sexy, loyal, determined, affectionate, down-to-earth...and did I mention sexy? His love is so strong. It's hard for many girls to find a Javon, but if you have one, you are most definitely the luckiest girl in the world. He is "THE ONE". The one every girl wants.
"Having a Javon must be nice. I need a Javon in my life!" :(
by The Luckiest Girl ♥ November 3, 2015
Javon is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He will think is invincible and he will also be very stubborn. He is funny, intellegent, and can read people just by looking at them. His presence makes you feel safe and free. He isn’t afraid to speak the truth and tell you how it is. He is the most amazing man you will ever meet.
Javon is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and I can’t wait for him to be my husband.
by tipsyhippy1 June 12, 2018
The sweetest guy on earth. He'll be kind and nice. He may be hardheaded and stubborn but he'll get everything eventually. He also is super funny and smart. He mght goof off and not show he's smart unless he has too.Javon loves to talk to everyone but if he doesn't you know something wrong !
Person 1 I think Javon is mad
Person 2 I'm not surprised
by By lovebugbitme Dec 27 2016 December 27, 2016
Javon is a cute,nice,and loving guy who will leave all his hoes for you if he really has true feelings for you he will make you mad on purpose just to entertain himself if you're being dry but I will not regret talking to him any day
Javon is over there

Javon is an amazing person
by Definition for jovaon August 18, 2017
Javon is a loyal, determined and utterly awe-striking guy. When he talks his words will constantly flow, and after a while he might forget what he's talking about. Javons mostly come in really tall sizes, height and lenght, if you know what I mean... Some days he lazy, others he has enough energy for six wolves to share. If you get really lucky, you could get a Javon that can sing. If you do, be sure to make him do it all the time, cuz it what he loves most about his self. He hates breaking promises, and ESPECIALLY hates when people lie to him or his friends and family. All together, Javon is a great guy.
Girl 1: Damn, Javon has such a voice!
Girl 2: Too bad, he's got a girlfriend already.
by HardcoreReflex87 January 17, 2019
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Girl1: fuck dat bitch ah mf bitch I date I want javon
by Bitchahmfbitch12 March 14, 2017
Javon is the most narcissistic, yet charismatic guy ever. He attracts everyone and they all want to be his friend. He's very hot or at least he think because he's narcissistic but everyone agrees anyways. He the funniest in the friend group but he's not humble about it at all. Regardless, he's a good guy and deserves the world!
Every girl in existance: "Wow Javon is so cute, I want to date him."
Every guy in existance: "Dang! Javon just stole my girl again!"
by pizzahutjr October 5, 2020