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Acronym for Online Role-Play. An ORP would be a story written by multiple people, either on a discussion board forum or a chat service, who take on a persona or "character" which they use to experience, vicariously, through the story a fantasy world they'd enjoy. The story is not as filled or detailed as an ordinary story due to the writers simply adding small sections relative to their own character's interactions in that story segment.

An ORP can also be an online variation of typical board RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons or Werewolf: The Apocalypse.
The below are varied methods of playing a ORP. In the first example it is set in the fashion of a story but needs not have the correct formats as a story. The second example is a lighter form where actions are represented in varying ways such as either by enclosing the action in asterisks (*) or lesser-than and greater-than symbols (< and >).

1. Dave walked into the room and saw the group of people. "Hello."

2. Asterisk version:
Do not steal my cookies! *swipes at you*
Lesser-than and greater-than (tag) version:
<swipes back> I'll take what I want! <steals a cookie>
by Khatan September 14, 2006
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Derived from the reversal of the word pro, which is short for professional; it is used to describe anything that is pathetic, lame and dumb in a pretty sarcastic way.
can be used as an adjective (you are orp) or a noun (you are an orp)
these suffixes can also be used: -ly, -ish, -ed
"The fight scenes in old Ultraman reruns are orp." or "After crapping in his pants, he's pretty much orped"
by luQ- October 12, 2004
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Guy who has a goat fetish: "örp"
Guy with a sexy emo hair: "örp"
Your mother: "hörp"
by Fiffe September 08, 2010
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Officer Rest Period - refers to when a desk jockey falls asleep in his chair, with chin resting on their chest, until they wake with a start
I wasn't napping, that was my ORP!
by SSYH August 05, 2006
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