Man, this cellie bill is killin me, I gotta get some OPM.
by KMKween_4_life March 21, 2005
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slang term for an Orange Poop Machine, a machine that poops out Oranges.
by Mike Truitt June 17, 2003
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irishmalt doesn't like my definition of OPM board :(
So I will not make another one. Oh and JC1 sucks tech cawk.
by JC1's mom September 23, 2003
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I spend too much time on the OPM Board.
by bobcj September 24, 2003
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videogame discussion board, best on

Occasionally spammed by losers.

No longer under LoneSage's control in cooperation with public demand.
I visit the OPM Board too much.
by Darth Bisquick September 24, 2003
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Online Pride Month

where 1 celebrates pride month not in person but over social media.
OPM isnt the same as actual pride month but its better than not celebrating an sharing love at all.
by nix.l7 June 5, 2020
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Ounces per Minute: the rate at which one consumes alchohol, regardless of the beverage.
Steve drinks wine at 3.69 OPM and tequila, and beer, and mixies
by JakeNotJohn August 20, 2017
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