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OPD. Other Peoples Drama.
Tia: Hey girl, what you doin?
Brie: Aww shit.. Just dealin wit OPD.
Tia: Oh, again?
Brie: Yea and you know I aint down with OPD!
Tia: I know thats right!
by BriezeLah. November 07, 2010
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On-line Personality Disorder. OPD is most often demonstrated in chatrooms where people with few social skills try to impose their whack behavior on a semi-captive audience. Associated with other Personality Disorders as most OPD patients are the same a-holes in person.
QTPie69: Did you see BottleBlondie flash her tits in the FriendzOnly chatroom?

MasterB8: Quite a rack, but she's got to get a grip on herself.

QTPie69: Girlfriend got that O.P.D. thang going on.

MasterB8: I'm not down with OPD. You know me.
by EmmaSez January 23, 2009
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Other Peoples Drinks

when you want go out or you are out but you have run out of beer tokens.. if your sneeky you could OPD it up and have a free night.
look at them 2 ugly bitches at the bar, 1 of em has a vodka and red bull.. ok ill go in the front and talk some shit, you flank the left and O.P.D that mofo!

guy1: lets go out tonight!
guy2: can't m8 only got โ‚ฌ20
guy1: thats enough for us both into the nightclub
guy2: yeah ok! go club with no beer money.. fuck that for a laugh!
guy1: it will be a laugh my friend.. as long as there O.P.D we won't have a leg to stand on, litterally!
by optikus165 March 03, 2010
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Other people's drama. A term associated with problems and issues that occurs within someone else's life, and for no reason at all you become embroiled in.
Dee called me last night crying down the phone and telling about how her ex stole her stuff - i'm fed up of O.P.D!
by Sparxy September 18, 2008
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when you think you're buying OxyContins from someone but they end up giving you some bullshit ass OPs that you can't crush or snort.
Sam: Man I bought some OCs last night and when I went to suck the time release coating off the gelled up on me.

Ash: Damn girl, you got OP'D!!!
by Scrodom January 21, 2011
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When He Arived at the hospital they took him to the ER and after ten minutes was OPD
by CoReY F June 23, 2006
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an organization comprised mostly of fat guys in backwards hats who think they are hard because they smell like a donkey's sweaty nutsack, enjoy kissing dudes, and dance to Will Smith like it's their job (I know kissing dudes and dancing to Will Smith are synonymous)

Although a highly secretive clan, O.P.D., scholars suggest, stands for one of the following: Overweight Pussy Douchebags; Oversized Penis Devourers; or Knuckle-Dragging, Anal-Probing, Cocksucking, Shiteating sacks of Rhinoceros spunk.
That guy has been receiving through a glory hole for the past twelve hours straight. He must be O.P.D.
by Coach Arruza September 28, 2005
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