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ONLYUSEmeBLADE is a YouTube Commentator for Call Of Duty games. His IRL job is a bar bouncer, but he also works for Machinima. What Makes him different is the fact that he only uses the knife feature in the games. He has a catch phrase "I only Knife people when I stab them". He is known for his humor and calmness. He has a series that he puts up every Sunday called Chill Sunday Commentary(even though most people watch them on Mondays due to the lateness it's posted). His Name is often made fun of with other comical names depending on the situation. They Could be hateful names or just weird. Blade is what people call him for short. Blade has 400k subscribers on YouTube
when playing call of duty, Amateurs or people who attempt to knife the whole game will be known as an ONLYUSEmeBLADE wanna be or will be made fun of.
by NateDaGreat561 August 14, 2011
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