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Oh My Fucking Word

A definite throwback to the 80s when word and phrases such as word to your mother and word up abounded.

Generally used to express shock, dismay, or dislike by people 10-30 years old during the period from 1980-1989.
Did you hear that speech by Pat Robertson at the RNC last night on TV?

OMFW! Was he for real? (people alive in the 80s will understand)
by LakotaGirl July 27, 2009
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On My Fucking Way

A variation of OMW, commonplace in online gaming.
"Hurry up, we're gonna pull this boss without you!"

"Relax, I'm OMFW!"
by Jakkobean January 17, 2010
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Abv. for Oh My Fruity Waffles
Oh My Fucking Wow
to be used as an exclamation of joy or disslike
OMFW Brittany is a retard
OMFW Ted is so damn cool its un-real
by Ted Ritson October 17, 2006
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