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An extenstion of omd
OMFD! What did you do that for?
by heinz22 October 22, 2007
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Acronym; commonly extrapolated as "oh my fucking dog."

A term coined by the founders of the Church of Dog in the modern age of acceptability. It is often used by people whom hold dogs in higher regards than the mysterious, albeit conveniently absent figure that is God.

Users of this phrase commonly find little comfort in religion and the realm of spirituality, so they choose to modify the commonly used acronym "OMFG" in order to meet their standards of disbelief or arbsurdism.
Keren: *sends picture of adorable husky*
Max: "Sweet lion of Zion she's so precious!"

*immediately reciprocates with picture of cute lab mix*
Keren: "OMFD she's such a little bloop"
by bonquequeg November 25, 2017
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OMFD stands for "oh my fucking dick", although the d letter can mean something else. It was invented by some random newbie saberist in JK2 and used a lot by more random newbies such as gunners.
by $wordnap October 31, 2006
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Oh My Fucking.... die.
When someone says something that they think is amazing and you think is insignificant and that the person who said the original mark does not deserve to breathe the same air as you.
Person 2: OMF...D?
Person 1: Nooooo! *dies an awful death*
*Person 1 grows up to be the next porn legend, is rich, and is worshiped by all for his extreme coolness.*
by Nate August 13, 2004
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An acronym for Oh my feicking dog!
OMFD! I was killed by a n00b's lucky shot!
by someon December 05, 2004
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