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Direcly translated to "Sir, Honk the horn sir" is phrase used by Indonesian, mainly children to ask bus driver to honk their bus’s Horn. They often ask bus driver to do so because they love the loud-funny sound of the bus’s horn. This phrase consists of two words, "Om" and "telolet". In bahasa Indonesia, Om means uncle, sir, or call-name for grown-up male, and "telolet" represents the sound of the bus’s horn.
originally used for kids entertaiment whenever a bus passing by. but recently becoming internet meme by leaving the phrase in the comment section of a post. even when the post have nothing to do with a bus.
*Bus passing by*
*Bus driver honk the horn*

*dj snake release new song*
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by midzk December 21, 2016
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A phrase that Indonesians are very proud of. This is how they distract themselves from their recent political&racial issues. Om means "sir" or "uncle" in Indonesia and Telolet resembles the sound of bus horns. Indonesians are overly proud of how viral it went despite the fact that a phrase will never make Indonesia a better country. Commenters on "what is om telolet om?" videos in YouTube are mostly Indonesians, although it is meant for those who don't understand the phrase.
Jack: countless Indonesians are commenting "Om Telolet Om" everywhere, why?
Jill: I guess they are very proud of that phrase, where is Indonesia anyway? never heard of it.
by ditto218 December 26, 2016
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It all began when vagrant kids who lived near a bus or truck terminal notice that some drivers customized their vehicle horn to play popular tunes or just sound amusing. With no other source of entertainment like TV, and playing games gets old, they use those custom horn sound as their source of entertainment.
What began as a small group of children now has grown as a fad to even bigger numbers of children, all waiting in a row facing passing trucks and buses. Sometime with a phone to record video in hand, they shout the word or carries a simple cardboard sign scribbled with "Om (lit. uncle, also usually used as informal term for older/middle aged male) telolet (onomatopoeia of horn/klaxon sound, like honk honk) om.", basically meaning "Sir, honk please sir"
When you see a car you say: om telolet om, and they will honk
by magic346 December 22, 2016
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An Indonesian meme that translate to "Sir honk the horn Sir". Kids would hold up signs with the words on and a bus driver honks their horn which can make the funniest of sounds
by OwenJonesTM December 22, 2016
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It's like asking the bus driver to press the horn button.
Telolet is the sound of bus horn and the word Om is used in Indonesian meaning uncle; grown man.

This is just for fun. But it becomes funny because it's unexpectedly getting viral.
"Om, telolet, Om!"

DJsnake on twitter, instagram, snapchat: "Om Telolet Om"
ZEDD on twitter: "OM TELOLET OM"
by athaya January 18, 2017
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Is means bus driver ring the horn. It comes from Indonesia and other Asian places. It was used buy Dj Snake on 20th December 2016 and confused people on instagram. It has also been used to troll other djs.
"OM TELOLET OM" Was the quote on his feed.
by Marshmello January 15, 2017
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