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skaters are people that love skaters and are not drugos vandals adn the only reason they vandal some things is because they want to do tricks on. i go to a private school so they hate me they have confiscated my board around 50 times i dont think they shoud hate me but they should hate the drugos and other people gosh.
policeman: this is private property get off your ill make you go bloody skater punk
me: screw you fuck head.
policaman: right ive it with you guys.
me: FUCK bundy (to my friends)
he chases us but were to fast for them and we are pretty good free runners
by Marshmello September 10, 2007
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A kerry is someone who is particularly large or overweight in their size. Male or female, they can be a kerry. This word originated in England, West Midlands in 2014.
"Is he a kerry over there?" The boy asked.
by Marshmello November 05, 2016
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Is means bus driver ring the horn. It comes from Indonesia and other Asian places. It was used buy Dj Snake on 20th December 2016 and confused people on instagram. It has also been used to troll other djs.
"OM TELOLET OM" Was the quote on his feed.
by Marshmello December 20, 2016
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The most sweetest and prettiest girl you will ever meet! She is so cute and beautiful that she attracts everyone's attention. Her giggle is so attractive and so is her ass. She is completely perfect from head to toe.
Person one: WHOA! Who was that just now?!?

Person two: DUDE!! You didn't know?? There's a new girl and she's a TOTAL Jenika!
by Marshmello September 05, 2012
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