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OFY! Is used for e-mail and verbaly
Dude I just won 600 bucks playing the nickel slot machines at the casino. "OFY dude, OFY!"
by Blake Dremmel March 29, 2007
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You read your emails, replies, love letters, texts and they read about on how much you're cared for or respected and your first thought is is reply with love. only for you
I really loved your gift, I bought you one too. ofy only for you
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"oh, fuck yes."
alternatively: "oh fuck yes."

shorthand, more typically used online.
Miami fan-turd 1: "Did you hear? LeBron, Wade and Bosh are going to all play for the Heat."

Miami fan-turd 2: "No, I hadn't. but ofy, that is sweet."

(can also be used in non-douchey situations.)
by The Rorasaur September 06, 2010
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non-traditional,ahead of its time,stylish, different in a good way
That's an ofy hairstyle.
by Giraldi March 18, 2008
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