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1.Over- dose(ed)
2.Online-dating and/or date
3.Over-doing it

1- to take a lethal amount.

2- to date online

3. to go way past the limit or go overboard
1- Did you hear that (insert celebrity here) OD(ed)?

2- I don't OD because you never know who they are on the other side of the screen.

3- He really Od with the decor. I won't hire him again. Make sure I blacklist him.
by Top Tea Defines September 05, 2018
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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Over Dose. Mostly used in the slang way as in, it went past the limit:
That was O.D when the police killed the innocent lady.
by Jomairy January 15, 2003
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O D means to overdose on something, to take an excessive amount of something.
Alyssa O D'd on dick so now she's mudded out.
by Miss Thickness December 30, 2005
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abbreviation for over-doing
when the bio teacher gives too much homework and announces a quiz next class:
"man, that's OD"
by az October 18, 2003
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overdose; generally fatal, in so much as that one's system cannot handle the quantity of drug being pumped into it; hence death; generally a body-wide systems failure.
as drugs become the more popular venue of entertainment/escape the rate of O.D. rises in accordance.
by Ilianivich March 15, 2003
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