A certain special kid in south of Sweden once in a school presentation stated an unnecessary phrase.
His friends were talking in the presentation and he felt he had to add something to it. but didn't really know exactly what to say so he said some incoherent bullshit and those words were "Typ så hä' A... ..o sen".
Dude1 - Men om du kanske gör det på detta sättet istället?
Dude2 - Du menar Typ så hä' A... ...o sen eller?
Dude1 - Ja precis!
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some letters that i put on the keyboard
guy 1:hey i just spammed my keyboard
guy 2:what did you get?
guy 1:i got ui ouh
by clock_broken June 12, 2021
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A WONDER FULL person that does nightcore and has an amazing discord and YouTube channel that does nightcore
karren-ugh my daughter listens to this idiot call U N D E R D O G S instead of Christian music
janet-oh thats a shame...
daughter-f u mom they're the best you just don't understand!!
by blue amber September 05, 2019
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A title only earned by the most retarded of girls. The current sus girl o-o is MurdererousBacon.
by StinkyPoke March 10, 2021
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The lyrics of this song (spaced out) are often used to remind a content's incest meaning, since it's a stereotype for Alabama people to not really care about the girl being their cousin.
Joe: "It was my sistah's birthday, so i kissed her as a gift!"
Dick: "s w e e t h o m e a l a b a m a!"
by JigglesTheDog February 17, 2017
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