1. Usually said with a soft tone or in a great exclamation when the user has had a revelation.
Man A: Ok man, were here at the house. Do you have the key?

Man B: "Closes his eyes" O Crap.
by Grimjoe October 4, 2009
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1. One small turd.

2. An adjective describing a wide array of objects including Microsoft computers, Zune media players, and American automobiles.
Person 1: This Ford FI-50 is really a piece o' crap.

Person 2: True that. A bit just snapped off in my hand.
by The Culture Bandit May 16, 2009
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1.) A jolly motherfucker that stays home and eats cake

2.) A sac filled with crap
While a girl gives you head or watever u put a Sac O' Crap on her back
by Greg Romano November 29, 2004
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A Jack-o-lantern, carved and left by someone's front porch, that is subsequently opened and defecated in by passers-by sometime around the Hallowe'en season. This prank was notably featured on Robot Chicken, but has been performed in various other circumstances. More than simply smashing pumpkins, giving someone a crap-o-lantern is considered one of the most profane Hallowe'en pranks in existence.
Honey, I just went out to the porch, and the neighborhood hooligans turned our jack-o-lantern into more of a CRAP-o-lantern.
by Dasch October 30, 2008
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A terrible and worthless computer. A Hunk of junk. Shit.
Hey Janet, Take a look at this Crap-o-matic, I can shit out something that can process data faster.
by Kirill Morozov July 11, 2003
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When one craps in a Jack-o-Lantern. This usually takes place on Halloween night by drunken teens, mainly males.
John: (After crapping in a Jack-o-Lantern) "Enjoy your Crap-o-Lantern!"
by TheContraBass November 22, 2009
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