A goddess. A completely stunning person who takes people's breath away. A Nyx can become one of the best people in your life extremely quickly. You can trust a Nyx with every secret and know he,she,or they will be there for you through anything. We love a Nyx!!!!
Girl: oh do you see that girl she's such a Nyx.
Girl's friend: oh defiently she's stunning.
Girl: yeah and I heard she's an amazing friend.
Girl's friend: oh most definitely a Nyx then!
Girl:.heckin I wish I was a Nyx they're amazing.
by Nyxxxxisamzing123 May 2, 2019
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Nyx will seem fine on the outside but on the inside their an absolute mess. Nyx is caring and kind and will do their best to make everyone around them feel comfortable. Nyx may take awhile to warm up to you but once they do you'll never want to let go. Don't make them angry if you want to be their friend
"Dude there goes Nyx"
by NYXISCOOL404 January 25, 2022
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Nyx is a stunning, amazing, and most of all powerful girl/person. Nyx is a goddess and one of the most trustworthy people on this planet. If you met a Nyx then your very lucky. Keep them close and remember not to treat them wrong, because there will be consequences. Nyx is over all an amazing person! Nyx is Also and amazing partner and will always be there to love and support you.
Person: hey is that nyx?
Person2: oh ya there very fun!

Person: your lucky you know nyx!
by Helloooothere111 December 6, 2021
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A person who’s personal life doesn’t reflect their inner demons. Nyx is a chaotic friend who understands what everyone’s going through because of their godly empathy. They’re really good at what they love doing but are easily burnt out. They’re probably lovely to friends but are shy around strangers. Nyx commits to relationships and isdevastated when ones end early. Everything around Nyx is an energy or vibe, they only accept the good. They can be pessimistic and really deep when in a slump but during a high, they’re the best person who ever lived- to Nyx them self of course. Nyx hates it when they lose. They expect a lot from others and are easily dissatisfied or disappointed, but with a little help, they’re okay. Nyx struggles with self love or other internal problems, and needs close friends to help them. Don’t be afraid to reach out even if they seem fine. Nyx is also the darkest person you’ll meet, ‘cause, NYX!

2.) The personification of the night in greek mythology, she lives in the underworld with her thousand of children, including Hypnos, Thanatos, & Chiron. She’s the mother of day, Hemera, and high/godly air, Aether. She’s the only goddess Zeus is afraid of. She’s the daughter of Kaos/Chaos and is sister to Gaia/Gaea. Her husband/brother is Erebus. She’s primordial! She’s shown to have long black hair, pale skin, and covered in a flowing black cloth in most images of her. She’s close to Hecate( Witchcraft Goddess) and Selene (the Moon Goddess).
“Hey, have you met Nyx yet? They’re kinda frightening!”
Clam down, Nyx is cool once you get to meet them, I’ve known them for a while.”
“Oh, cool, what’s with their name?”
“It means the goddess of the night in greek mythology.”
“Ew, creepy.”
“*insertname*, go away, Nyx and I need to talk about something seeious”
“Aight’ FINE”
Stay salty, I chose sweet”
Nyx: “What’s going on? I s everyone okay?”
“Yeah, this one’s just salty”
Nyx: “lolz, Material Gwaurol!!!”
by Nyx✨🪐🌙isweird May 22, 2022
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Goddess of the night

Works best after 10:30 pm until the sun comes up.

by Nyx July 9, 2004
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nyx is an amazing person who is very lovely they always know you to cheer you up and is always so kind. They are always willing to talk to you and even though they have their bad days there is no uncomfortableness or anything when you’re near them. they’re an amazing friend and cherish them forever <333
yeah i just met a nyx
you better cherish them forever my guy
by jen4.a November 20, 2021
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1. A Insecure, beautiful, undifined elegent young lady.

"The Goddess Of Night"
2. A badass hot as hell girl that is also a black haired woman often mistaken for a "Vampire" also mentioned as the Vampyre goddess in the House Of Night series by PC. and Kristen Cast.
by Micromin December 24, 2012
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