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Goddess of the night

Works best after 10:30 pm until the sun comes up.

by Nyx July 09, 2004
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1. A Insecure, beautiful, undifined elegent young lady.

"The Goddess Of Night"
2. A badass hot as hell girl that is also a black haired woman often mistaken for a "Vampire" also mentioned as the Vampyre goddess in the House Of Night series by PC. and Kristen Cast.
by Micromin December 23, 2012
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hottest woman i have ever seen, good shooter, knife hooter and lamer booter. makes the day brighter and the nights interesting. talks in code and makes smooooth fun. member of the t.o.c. club
if every woman were nyx, we'd live in heaven
by bubblenuts January 31, 2004
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