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1. The name of Lucy's less psychotic alter ego in the splendid anime Elfen Lied. After Lucy is shot in the head with an anti-tank rifle she develops a childlike personality, and for the most part of the anime can only say the word "Nyuu". This single-word vocabulary leads the male lead (Kouta) to give her the name Nyuu.

2. A nonsense word in Japanese, though phonetically it sounds the same as the Japanese word for "Milk".

(Note: the Japanese equivalent of 'meow' is 'nya'. Due to the similar spellings, 'nyuu' is frequently mistaken for being synonymous with 'nya'. The two are not interchangeable.)
1. With a fantastic body, childlike kindness, and an oddly raging lebido, Nyuu is almost cute enough to make you forget that she spends her down time ripping peoples' arms out of their sockets.

2. Nyuu. Nyuu, Nyuu. Nyuu? Nyuu!
by Damn it Jim! August 18, 2010
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(Pronunced NEWWW) Is a word said whether excited or upset. An emotional response to something. Made by changing the pich of the word. If happy or excited the word Nyuu is said with a high pich. If sad or annoyed its justed in a melancholy or low tone.
person 1 OMG long time no see
person 2 (aka me) NYUUUU!!!!(high pitched)

person 1 u okay?
person 2 (aka me) Nyuuu.....(low pitched)
by Lisa Edmont October 26, 2007
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"Meow" in Japanese. Best used for getting the attention of a friend or loved one when hungry, tired, bored, horny or any of the above.
A: Nyuu!
B: Aww.. What's the matter princess?

A: Nyuu?
A: Nyuu!
B: What?!
by roguedreams May 25, 2010
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Nyuu: ep: an exclamatory phrase used to say "i'm innocent and adorable you shall love me or I will kill you!"

Japanese for "meow" used by Lucy in Elfen lied
Koda:"why did you do that?!?!"

Lucy: "Nyuu!"
by lolofroll January 08, 2011
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