TRUE: Native American term meaning "Friend" or "Companion".

NOTE: This is the REAL reason the little bear in Brother Bear has this name, not because it's meaning is BEAR. The dialect of Native American in which "Koda" means "Friend" is Sioux. Other dialect variations include Dakota; Lakota; Kota

Movies with character named Koda:

Triumphs of a Man Called Horse (1983)

Brother Bear (2003)
(N): He has been my koda forever.

(PN): His name is Koda.
by A REAL KODA June 12, 2010
Koda is amazing and beautiful. A 10/10 person. gorgeous humble unique and kind. Koda seems very gentle and is unless you hurt someone they care about. If you hurt someone they love it will be your doom. Koda is a great friend, awesome bff, and wonderful girlfriend (or boyfriend)
Koda is gorgeous
by William St.Dick May 5, 2019
Koda is a sexy beast mostly or probably hispanic and he'll say alot of gay shit but he is straighter than a pencil his curly hair is magnificent it's beautiful and luscious the only problem is that he's probably antisocial but if he wasn't he could steal your girl
You're such a koda
by Djjeiioqllsnnsnsn December 12, 2020
Native American Name meaning "bear".
Name for younger bear in the Disney movie "Brother Bear".
Koda is a tough little bear.
by Koda Bear's Mom March 3, 2010
The person in the room who brightens everyones day. May have a piss kink, but we can't be too sure
"Hey did you see that person over there?"
"Of course! They are such a Koda"
by tiddeh July 19, 2019
Koda is a dog. A very small, good dog... he can be stupid sometimes, but in a funny way. He will understand that whoever cares for him the most is his owner. He craves attention. He can’t have a happy day unless someone pets him. If he’s with other dogs he’ll make sure he’s the first to get pet and he’ll make sure that he immediately becomes the alpha. Although he is small he is very brave and stubborn and will in a matter of moments become the leader. . He is also very love able and anyone who sees him will instantly fall in love with him. Although he is adorable he is still formidable and if you look in his eyes or mess with him he’ll show you who is boss.
Yo Koda is fuckin cute
I wish Koda was my dog
1)What happened dude. 2)I got bit by Koda

Koda is my nigha
by Aztec____ September 7, 2019
A beautiful girl who is smart and independent and can sometimes be mean other times she is nice and very outgoing she is very dependable on the other hand she is lazy and she always forgets things but when it comes to popularity she doesn’t care she’s just a social butterfly Koda was named after the little bear in brother bear , and she can be know as to have a big behind ,ass, booty but she doesn’t let that get in her way although she likes to use it to dance . She’s just “KODA
Koda is very smart

Synonym: a awesome female
by Unknown Cat October 3, 2018