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NyKerias are the best people you’ll ever meet. They can be the best of friends. They are funny. They are very pretty. If you try them they will fight you. They don’t like anybody name Jalya
Jayla:Hey Nykeria

Nykeria: Girl get yo stank breath outta my face

by Kekebabi April 22, 2018
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Nykeria is a good basketball player.Nykeria is most likely a girl.Nykeria can be nice somtimes.Nykeria is strong.A Nykeria likes males.Nykeria likes the golden state warriors.A Nykeria is black.A Nykeria stays in a combined apartment.Nykeria is half human half horse.A Nykeria likes males with high top fades and that is kind of dark but light and has a long beard.Nykeria is loving person.Most Nykeria's like boys that start with a B.A Nykeria is a child that is very intelligent.She has A B Honor roll.A person name Nykeria likes Chicago Bull but sometimes can be a Cleveland fan.A Nykeria has brown eyes.A Nykeria is raw in basketball and intelligent.
NyKeria is very smart and intelligent
by N.U.F May 12, 2018
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