It is said of the situation where a person has the bad luck to make contact with his testicles against an undefined surface or object, intentioned or not.
Given the nature of the word, it is more appropriate to design cases where the interaction is made with a moving object, for example, a ball.
Although it is extremely painful for the victim, it tends to be considerably funny to people who witness it.
Today in the baseball game the pitcher took a nutshot; the baseball hit him in the nuts.

Man, I just watched the funniest nutshot video ever.
by Uberflaven March 1, 2009
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the art of shooting ones enemies in the testicles. and/or the only vunerability is being shot in the testicles.
"Hey, i emptied a clip into you and u didnt die fkn cheater!" -reply "u have to shoot me in the nuts, its the only place im vunerable"
by saintjon August 28, 2004
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A circumstance or outcome with a very low probability of taking.
Chad: Just snag a green card and chill w/ me bro.
Abraham: That's a fucking mermaid nutshot, Chad.
by bathroomwriter June 30, 2021
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a form of kick to the nuts which involves 3 people and a sucker in order to pull off correctly.

two people hold the sucker while the third kicks the sucker in the nuts 7 times in 4 sets but the sucker gets 20 seconds to heal before the next set. like this
7 kicks > break > 7 kicks > break > 7 kicks > break > 7 kicks.

its very painful
Tom's nuts and personality has never been the same since me and my friends gave him the gettysburg adress nutshot.
by xXBLACKDOOMXx December 1, 2009
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