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a person who gets really horny during the time that the moon is out in the night that once they get in bed they become like a animal and lose control.
tim: sara how was your night cause it looks like something went down.

sara: i found out john was a werefucker and it was amazing.
by xXBLACKDOOMXx December 5, 2009
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a form of kick to the nuts which involves 3 people and a sucker in order to pull off correctly.

two people hold the sucker while the third kicks the sucker in the nuts 7 times in 4 sets but the sucker gets 20 seconds to heal before the next set. like this
7 kicks > break > 7 kicks > break > 7 kicks > break > 7 kicks.

its very painful
Tom's nuts and personality has never been the same since me and my friends gave him the gettysburg adress nutshot.
by xXBLACKDOOMXx December 1, 2009
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another painful kick thats funny as hell to watch.

its when you grab a mans nuts and shove them up his ass. then after that you go behind him and dropkick him.
max: why is dave crying so much?
james: i gave him a inverted horseshoe kick.
by xXBLACKDOOMXx December 4, 2009
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