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Referring to your semen as individuals instead of just a clump
"My nut babies were all over her sheets last night after I nutted"

"Hold up girl, I got a nut baby in my teeth"
by carebear doodle August 18, 2008
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A baby born to the kind of family that is commonly described as trailer trash or ghetto. A child of severely dysfunctional (often very young) parents, often with too many siblings, no proper home life, violence, drug abuse, no aspirations to a better life, too many appearances on daytime talk shows. Meant as a humorous term for an obviously serious problem, baby is not a nut until enough time has passed to inherit parent's nuttiness. Plural form used by talk show host Frosty Stillwell on January 23, 2014, during his show as broadcast on 910 radio in San Francisco.
I saw another crazy couple, with a baby, might as well call it a nut baby. Those nut jobs out there keep on turning out more nut babies, out-reproducing us sane folk. Pretty soon we'll be up to our asses in nut babies.
by Mercurywoodrose January 23, 2014
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